Fine Art Architectural Restoration prides itself on being among the most qualified in the country for plaque restoration.  Our restoration methods were derived from years in the field and determined for ease and speed of work.  All raised lettering on a bronze plaque has a limited life span.  It is impractical to assume the lettering can be sanded each time a plaque is refinished.  Eventually, you will run out of letter.  Fine Art Architectural Restoration employs methods that do not remove metal, and speedily provide a bright metal surface on lettering, frames and rosette heads.  Tinted and clear synthetic lacquers are applied by spray gun, and the lettering block-cleaned until it is bright.  The synthetic lacquers employed are highly engineered for permanency and have been found to last a decade or more.  We feel capable of restoring any cast plaque element or colored patina – no matter how unconventional – at any size.  Fine Art Architectural Restoration can restore plaques on-site, at height and in remote locations.   

All projects pictured are under the Pittsburgh City Office of Public Art and Civic Design:

The Allegheny Arsenal Memorial Plaque at Arsenal Park in the Lawrenceville neighborhood before refinishing.  On the same day as the Battle of Antietam, September 17th, 1862; three explosions rocked the Allegheny Arsenal, which made gunpowder and bullets for the Union war effort. 79 people, mostly local women and children were killed, as many of the men were serving in the army. Abraham Lincoln wanted to suppress the disclosure of the battle casualties and the accident at the same time, to avoid negatively affecting northern moral

The bronze World War I Honor Roll in the Beltzhoover section of Pittsburgh after refinishing.  Fine Art Architectural Restoration has held the Pittsburgh city contract for monuments and sculpture since 2018.  

The iconic Doughboy Monument in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA, following a horrific act of vandalism on the morning of Memorial Day, 2020.  The plaques all around the cylindrical base were spray painted with red spray paint, and also splashed with a thick, bright red house-paint.  The red spray paint and house paint were removed, and all the plaques were surface-prepped and coated with tinted spray lacquer.  After treatment, the appearance of the vandalism was completely diminished. 

Degraded bronze plaques on the Sacrifice monument in the Brighton Heights section of Pittsburgh, PA.  The bronze was spray coated with tinted lacquer, and then the raised lettering was selectively polished.  The wreath on the back was regilded with gold leaf and gold tinted lacquer.  

The Honor Roll at Legion Memorial Park.  In addition to 16 large Honor Roll plaques, there were four integral federal eagle plaques and an integral flagpole base. The plaques were sprayed with tinted lacquer and the lettering was preferentially polished.  The eagle plaques and flagpole base were also coated with tinted lacquer, and the eagles were further highlighted with gold-toned lacquer.